Breast Cancer


Very Aggressive Fungating Breast Fibrosarcoma

March 2012:

Patient presents with a breast mass that has gone from a minimal lump to three large fungating      masses in five weeks.  A cancer treatment from another clinic has failed to stop the progression.  Patient comes to Arizona for the Healing Pathways Cancer Clinic protocol.

Oral and IV protocol is initiated.

March 13th   Mastectomy scheduled to debulk mass.

Patient continues oral and IV protocol.

Near the end of the first month a PET scan shows only one 1.5 cm mass in left lung with a SUV of  9.4  One other potential mass noted in axilla.  This extremely rapid growing breast cancer is now contained and no longer showing the aggressiveness it once had.

Patient leaves Arizona to go back home to continue both oral and IV protocol for another  month with an infusion nurse carrying out the Healing Pathways Cancer Clinic protocol.
See Patient Testimonial Video.

Breast Cancer Stage IV

Reoccurrence after 2 stem cell transplant failures with metastasis to pancreas, liver, skull, lungs and abdominal lining

5/95  44 yr. old female diagnosed w/reoccurrence of Breast Cancer 4 ½ months after 2 stem cell back to back bone marrow transplants from cancer clinic in Los Angeles.

Metastasis to skull, abdominal lining, lungs, pancreas, & liver

6/95 initiated an aggressive oral nutraceutical program

8/95 CAT & bone scans indicate absence of all tumors

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Stage 4

4/01 37 yr. old female diagnosed w/ Inflammatory Breast Cancer w/METS to virtually everywhere in skeletal system

4/01 to 6/02 chemo followed by radiation and hyperthermia with nominal success on old tumors & new tumors appearing weekly.  Fails local IPT therapy (insulin potentiated therapy given with low dose chemo).

6/02 Initiated oral & I.V. program

8/02 Scans & physical exams in France found no tumors anywhere, bone pain totally gone!