Non-Chemo Cancer Clinic

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Non-Chemo Cancer Clinic

About Healing Pathways Cancer Clinic Scottsdale, Arizona…

If you or a loved one has cancer, would you take chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a toxic substance which damages the immune system.


We at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic take the medical oath “First, do no harm” very seriously and turn away from the immune damaging effects of chemotherapy. Come see how the many different facets of our natural, immune building, strengthening, and body cleansing cancer programs have remissions–even in terminal stage 4 cancers.

We have a total program utilizing various modalities such as chelation, hyperthermia, non-GMO Vitamin C IVs, medical mushrooms, dietary changes, enzymatic therapy, and immune re-regulations. All without damaging the immune system!


If your pet rat were sick, would you give it some rat poison to make it better?